Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Single Mom Dating- The Internet And Boundaries

As if trying to meet and find the time to date someone isn't hard enough, along comes "Internet Dating." While it seems like an ideal way for two people to learn about each other and get to know each other before investing actual dates, the Internet has removed so many of the traditional boundaries of acceptable courtship, that this single mom has begun to wonder if it's even worth it to bother with the 'online courtship' scene.
I find that guys are very forward when they have the privilege of 'hiding behind a screen.' Though when meeting someond in real life, a guy can 'assess' the bra size, when a 'first chat' session features the question, 'what size bra do you wear?' it gives a girl little hope that this guy is looking for a serious family life, and more the impression that he wants a conquest. I have come across this so many times now, that I have been forced to face the fact that there must be women out there who respond well to this.
Listen, I'm no prude. Not by a long shot. But there are certain rules of decorum where courtship is involved and maybe my sense of traditionalism just keeps me from moving forward with the new evolution of dating. When presented with these very invasive questions, I feel like I'm auditioning for a role in an upcoming porno movie, and not getting to know a potential life partner. Maybe the next time I come across a man so brazen in his questioning I will respond with, "and how much money do you have in the bank?"

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