The Fastest Way To Make Extra Money, On The Internet

That's right. The Internet is the FASTEST way to make extra money! There's a ton of information about how to make money online, so first I'll run down the business models, then I'll run down the tools you'll need.

Writing- By and far the easiest and fastest way to a second income. There's a huge demand for article writers on the web. Articles are fairly easy to write,usually with a word count of 400-500 words per article. These articles sell for around $5.00 an article, so if you can write 4 articles an hour, that's a $20.00 an hour second job. It's easy to whip out an article in 15 minutes, once you understand the format, and so, you can work 3 hours in the evenings and make an extra $60 a night, an easy $300.00 a week.

Graphic Arts design- another service that webmasters and professional Internet marketers buy up in droves is graphic arts designs. The biggest demand is for headers, ecovers, and customized order buttons. There are plenty of tutorials to help you learn this craft, but the learning curve is steep and if you don't already have some graphic arts knowledge and experience, I would stick to easier methods for making money.

Ebay and other auction selling- you may think "but I don't have anything to sell." Nothing could be further from the truth. Because YOU don't have to have anything to sell. You simply need to know who does. You can get free stuff from or craigslist, and sell it on ebay. You can sign up with a dropshipping company, like, or you can even make stuff, like crafts, homemade jewlerly, hand sewn clothes, even artwork.

These are the 'easiset' ways to make some extra money online. The more advanced ways are things like affiliate marketing, writing and selling ebooks, developing and selling software, building websites and marketing them.

Affiliate Marketing is selling other peoples products, from websites, for commissions.

Writing and selling ebooks involves finding topics people want to read about, researching the topic, writing about it, and then letting people know you have a book for sale about it.

Developing and selling software requires either the technical knowledge to do it, or the ability to figure out what kind of software people want and need and then finding someone to develop it for you. You can partner with this person and share profits, or you can pay them up front, get the program, and sell it yourself and keep all the profits.

Building websites is a piece of cake once you learn a few simple tricks, and people, especially business owners, will pay you to build sites for them.

There's plenty you can do to make money, online, part time, at home.