Monday, May 2, 2011

Florida Department of Revenue- Kay Howell

So, now that the deadbeat in question no longer has a job, the Florida Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Department of Revenue that oversees them, in their infinite stupidity have finally gotten the father of my kids served. Of course, now that I'm remarried, with a new life and he has no job, they'll get an 'order.' An order which they'll never collect a dime from, and if by some miracle they do, 9 cents of will go to them for covering their administrative costs and maybe a whole penny of it will go to my kids.

Had they done their job RIGHT three and a half years ago, they would have served both my husband and the boys father at the same time, let them both take the paternity test, and prove fatherhood then and there. But no, some IDIOT at the Child Support Enforcment Agency instead chose to give me 'legal advice' and tell me to get a divorce first. That took months, and when it was finally done, then told me that the wording of the divorce papers wasn't good enough and that my now ex-husband and I would have to go back to court to get it changed and exclude as both the bio father AND the legal father (since the papers only excluded him as the bio dad.) After the next two months of attempting to accomplish that (and trying to get a non-bullshit, non-evasive answer from the morons at CSE and DOR as to why they didn't tell me what they wanted it to say when they told me to get the divorce and being told "we can't give you legal advice", then asking "well what exactly did you think you were doing when you told me to get the divorce?) the idiots finally start the process of pursuing bio.

Next line of Florida Department of Child Support and Department of Revenue BULLSHIT... they can't find him!

He's in the MILITARY. He's the easiest son of a bitch on the planet to find! But these morons can't manage it.

A raving call to the DOR threateing to issue a Press Release to the National AP results in the 'investigator' (probably for the DOR's attorney... since I don't have an attorney and this useless jack wad doesn't work for me so I can't communicate with him or write a letter to the bar about him) finally getting off his own incompetent ass and in 48 hours, bio was served.

Only now, the useless little prick is under orders to go to Iraq so he can invoke the "SCRA." The Servicemens Civil Relief Act that bascially protects men from things like paternity cases.

Sure, while he was IN the military and there was an income to collect on, Florida Child Support Enforcement and The Department of Revenue found every way out of going after him.

Now, that he's home, and probably unemployed. I heard he just got remarried... poor girl, they'll serve him, and you know what will happen?


The court will issue the order. And he won't pay.

All these idiots are doing are paying for HIM to get paternity established so HE can exercise his rights to not pay, and then, to be a part of the child's rights now that someone else has footed the bill for him to establish that paternity.

I want to close the case, but we have no medical coverage right now and I need it for the kids.

I'm backed into a corner by these useless idiots. I'm sure there's something I can do, but they'll never tell me what it is. I hate these people.

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