Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beware Working For Arise

It's been a long time since I posted to this blog, but today, I discovered that a company I have recommneded to countless people as a legit work-at-home job, has been pulling some sleazy tricks.

First of all, they are taking people's money for the 'training courses,' but the software applications needed for each client rarely work as they're supposed to and trying to get 'tech support' online or on the phone, is an exercise in futility. I once spent SIX HOURS 'waiting for a represnetative' on "Live Chat Support." Sending emails to their 'resolution center' is equally useless as it takes them up to 24 hours to respond, and when you need to be signed in to work and can't get on, you need the support THEN. And if you call on the phone for support, they just tell you to submit a ticket to the resolution center. So when you can't get support for their buggy software, you miss work, which then hurts your 'commitment adherence' score, for which they terminate you, after having taken your money for the 'training class.'

For those lucky enough to actually begin work and work for a while with Arise, often there is an 'unpleasant discovery' of a clause snuck into a contract, which gives Arise yet another reason to terminate the contract. One example of this is a sneaky clause in the contract requiring the worker to do a completely separate job from what they are actually hired to do. An example of this is when the worker is contracted to perform customer service, tech support, or sales duties, but the contract has some 'fine print' that also requires that the worker also perform 'market resaearch duties' in the form of pushing people to take a survey relating to their experience.

Not only is this a completel separate 'market research' job, it's not hard to figure out that people don't want to sit and answer a survey after they've just had to call a company to work out a problem. When the worker can't force, coerce, or guilt enough people into particpating in the survey, Arise will terminate their contract for that.

I won't be recommending this company as a legit work at home job anymore.

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