Monday, November 23, 2009

Scaling Fences, The Life Of A Single Mom

So this morning, I was out in the garage with the baby, looking through some laundry to find something for him to wear. Suddenly, my older boy joins us, closing, and locking I would soon find out, the door behind him. When I went to open and found it locked, I was a none too happy mommy.
So here I am, already dressed for work, in my navy blue tailored trousers and my navy blue and white sweater, and of course, dress shoes, thinking.. "did I unlock the front door this morning?" I open the garage door and make my back to the front door. Locked.
Luckily, every morning, I open the French doors that lead out to the back yard so my kids can go out and play while I make breakfast and pack lunches. The only problem was the 6 foot privacy fence barricade that I would have to overcome.
And so, at 8:30 am, dressed for a power meeting, (which I didn't actually have, but I feel better about my life when I'm dressed as a corporate executive), but barefoot, I scaled a 6 foot, wooden privacy fence as my children stared at me in awe. God, I hope I didn't give them any ideas.

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