Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is Your Break Up Making Your Kids Fat?

We all know that break ups can be devastating to us in many ways. It's no secret that for us women, weight can is a major break up pitfall. But something occured to me today about the financial devastation of a break up or divorce possibly being the cause of overweight kids. I'm not even talking about the 'emotional overeating that an adult woman engages in after a split,' I'm talking about the financial problems that can cause unhealthy weight gain in kids.
Right now, I'm visiting my kids fathers mother. I'm staying at a nearby motel and she's seeing them during the day. She has a pool in her community and last night, we took the kids swimming. Since my motel doesn't have a pool, I thought maybe that she and I taking the kids swimming would be good for them. Today however, it's raining and there doesn't seem to be a lot of chance of it letting up in time to take them for a dip.
I don't want to dissappoint my boy, so I said 'maybe I can make it up to him.' Now, having very little money, due to the financial devastation of being a single mom without the full time income of a Dad, there's not a lot I can do. Food is about the only 'affordable luxury' we have. And so, the first thought I had was 'banana splits and a movie.'
I started to think about how often I will use food to comfort my babies because it's about the only thing I can afford. Maybe 'weight gain due to break up has more victims than anyone ever thought before.' Hopefully, someone will read this and think, "maybe it is better for my kids if we get some counseling and try to work out our relationship and fall in love again."

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