Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And so...

Strange things are afoot. The boys fathers mother has kept his word to pay child support and now says he is going to pay me $150.00 a week and give the kids medical coverage. This is wonderful for me, if I knew what he was up to. Let's face it, we're talking about a family where the brother ripped me off for over $3,000, he left me homeless while carrying our second and caring for our first, stole my truck so I couldn't make a living and stole everything else I owned as well.

I brought the kids to her house for a visit, and lo and behold, the stereo that I reported in the police report I made about the 'burglary' to my house, is sitting right in his mother's living room. She claims she has no idea where it came from. "Michael brought it home," she lies.

As far as him communicating with me, he never has, and only today was I told, by his mother, that, he thinks it's better this way, with he and I communicating through her because we fight. Awww... too damn bad. When we fight, this is why:

Vanessa: Mike, when are you going to put your name on the kids birth certificates?
Mike: When I have a job
Vanessa: Why?
Mike: Because I don't want to get served with papers to pay child support when I don't have a job
Vanessa: Do you think your kids only need to eat when you have a job?
Mike: F**K YOU! YOU F**KING B**CH... (CLICK, Hangs up.)

Now, Dianne has excused Mike's abandonment of our family by saying that the baby didn't need to see us fighting. She's never stopped to tell Mike that he needed to stop fighting, that he shouldn't have allowed his brother to do the things that were causing the fights, that he needed to get a job and take care of his family. Nope. She has never once acknowledged the 'cause' of the fighting or how it should be solved. She's very typical of any irresponsible adult, run away from the symptom and ignore the cause. To her, it's ok to abandon your responsibilities to escape the symptom, and you never have to face the cause.

That type of belief system is the reason my kids don't have a "Daddy." Of course I'm glad he's now paying support and giving them medical coverage. But even with them, I am still 100% responsible for the daily care of those children and 90% financially responsible for those children. Plus, I am owed almost 2 years in back child support, and I am owed more respect than these games he plays.

He abandoned his family. I'm still here.

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