Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Evening With The Deadbeats Mother

So a few weeks ago, as you may recall, I spoke with my kid's paternal grandmother. I told her that the boys needed medical coverage and that I would like to know what their father planned to do about it. She replied he wanted to contact me through my email and discuss a few things with me. I was very hesitant and made my feelings on the matter known to her. After all, the last time a member of his family said he wanted to contact me, it was his psychotic brother, Richard, who said that Daddy Dearest was going to call me at 4pm the next day. Promptly at 4pm, one of my useless Barney Fife Sherriffs Deputies arrived at my house to inform me that they had recieved a call that I was 'suicidal.'
I began talking with Mike's mother over the next few weeks and lo and behold, Mike has still not made contact. After a few weeks, I told her I came up short of my bill money this month and to ask him to send me some money. He agreed to give me $500.00. So I went to meet her, at which time I was blackmailed, as usual, with "If you want another $200.00 on the first, you have to make arrangements to start letting me see the kids."
I told her that I have never stopped her from seeing the boys, but she lives 2 hours from my house and that my car, running on 3 cylinders, with a bald tire, and 1 missing headlight, really couldn't make the trip. (On Halloween 2008, I drove the kids to his house to see him, and got a flat on the way up, and a flat on the way back, and he picked up the boys but left the mother of his children stranded on the side of an Interstate Highway... great guy, huh?)
Now, it's no secret that I didn't want the split. I had our first child because he threatened to leave me if I didn't, and I had our second child because he was leaving me and a sibling would be the only family my older boy would ever know should something happen to me. I see red when I hear people complain about 'justice for dads,' because when the man wants to end it, he is permitted to walk away and no one will say to him, "how can you leave your children?" But God forbid a mother walks out, then the whole world will ask her, "how could you leave your children?"

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