Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The smell of the scheme is getting stronger

Well, here it is, folks. The "Deadbeat Dad" in question, now is offering $150.00 a week in child support, plus, he conveniently has $2,498.00 just 'lying around' to pay for our sons dental care. Now, I have medical coverage that will cover the baby's dental work, but he doesn't want our son to have a 'welfare' doctor, and of course, it's going to cut into the child support he's agreed to give me by $150.00 this month.

And of course, the mother who thought it was ok for him to leave me, thinks I should somehow be 'grateful' that he's willing to do this since she seems to think that I should be responsible for 50% of the cost of his dental work, despite the fact that I have insurance.

Rather than let me use my insurance and actually pay ME the money he has owed me for two years in child support (and that's not counting paying me back for all the money he and his brother stole from me) he will pay it to a dentist and have an excuse not to pay the chid support he just agreed to.

Want to really add insult to injury? First, he still has put NOTHING in writing saying that he is 'agreeing' to pay child support, and second, he refuses to discuss the situation with ME. He seems to think it's acceptable that I allow his mother to be the 'mediator.'

The mother who raised one son to steal from the other's girlfriend, and her second son to leave his girlfriend over the fact that she refused to let the brother keep doing it. Oh yeah.. she's a great one to be 'impartial' here, right?

This dentist can't put our son under a general anastesia. Only a twilight. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that, but Daddy Dearest has said (through his Mommy of course) that he will not help with the bill if I don't go to THIS doctor, and that he will not pay child support unless I do it HIS way.

Does anyone besides me wonder if his refusal to communicate WITH ME is because he doesn't want me to have a written record of his bullying?

Obama needs to make a grant for single mom's to have real lawyers for deadbeat dads. Instead of the useless child support enforcement agencies that have let him get away with it for TWO YEARS!

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