Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Financial Help For Single Mom's- Financial Assistance and it's Downfalls

When I started this blog, it was dedicated to providing financial help and assistance for single mom's. But I've noticed lately that many of my posts have become about child support, deadbeat dads, and the defunct family court systems that have created the need for single moms to find financial support, and I've made a few decisions.

First, in the coming weeks, I am going to redesign this blog based on the following objectives:

Having lived as a single mom for 18 months, I know the emotional and financial well being of the family is best served in preserving the family unit. Unfortunately, the courts, therapists, and attorney's of the United States view the destruction of the family as more profitable to themselves and therefore, there are no mechanisms in place to keep the family whole. The first objective is this blog is to provide the best financial help for single mom's there is, the preservation of the family unit.

To achieve this objective, the first thing I am doing is asking for a group of folk who support the traditional family values to post here so that we can begin to create a support system network that will fight for and/or assist in Family Crisis Interventions and help to restore the family unit before welfare and court systems get involved. The courts and state's only profit from the destruction of the family, and so they encourage it with all their might. If we can begin to form a network of folks who actually will prevail as voices of reason and calmness in a family crisis, we will begin to provide the best financial assistance for single parents we can, keeping the family whole.

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