Thursday, November 26, 2015

Hard To Be Thankful Day... Part III

The hits just keep on comin'...

Oh, he actually left on time, at 7.

But he came home, barely spoke to words to any of us during dinner.  Got up and went to lay down on the bed before everyone was finished.

I got all dressed up and didn't even get so much as a 'You look nice."

Then, as I was doing the dishes, he went and took a nice relaxing bath.

While the kids acted like idiots.

I wound up screaming at them to go to bed, because I was done. I've been dealing with them, all day, every day, all week.

While he's been out til 5 am with some other woman, and working late every day. And then coming home, ignoring us all, not lifting a finger to help with a damn thing around the house.

I'm sick of doing everything by myself.  he never did 'everything' himself... and he never had to 'work' and while doing everything, or rather, what he did do which wasn't everything by a long shot, and with them underfoot.

He doesn't like me... isn't attracted to me?  He can go straight to Hell.

Why am I even doing all this for him?

Why am I bothering?

He clearly doesn't give a rat's ass about me or these kids.

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