Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Legitimate Work At Home Job!

Looking for a legitimate work at home job?

Let me tell you about Arise. First off, they do offer legit, hourly pay 'jobs.' But these are not 'job jobs' in the way you would think of them. Yes you get paid by the hour, but you must have a corporation, or be contracted by a corporation that already has a contract with them, because you submit 'invoices' for your hours and they pay on 'invoices' not payroll or even 1099.

Believe me, it's much better this way than either of the other two for many reasons, which are too long to go into here, but I'm a business major in college with a focuses on marketing and finance, so I'm telling you this with knowledge, not opinion. If you get state assistance of any kind, having your own corporation is your best friend. Likewise, it's quite helpful at tax return time too.

The 'jobs' Arise offers are called 'clients.' These clients are big name companies like Sears, Disney, AT&T, Apple, and more... The lowest hourly pay I have seen is $8.50 and I've seen jobs as high as $10 and I think $10.50 an hour. Some of the clients pay based on 'talk time' or 'chat time' (there are jobs that are strictly 'Live Chat' jobs doing either tech support, customer service or sales.) Most of the jobs are phone jobs, but it's varied between tech support, customer service and sales. For sales, it's all inbound calls, or chats, and it's people calling because they WANT to buy something (like an upgrade to their iphone) so it's not like seedy telemarketing boiler rooms or anything.

Arise will train you in all of the opportunities (jobs) but you do have to pay for the training class. However,

Your first step is to apply. In your application, when they ask for the ACPID ID number of the person who referred you, give them this: 514671

Once they accept your application, you will take a test. It's a customer service test and it's pretty easy and mostly common sense.

Once you pass the test, you will have to pass a voice call audition. Be upbeat and positive.

After that, you have to pay for a background check (this is $9.00 or $13.00 I can't remember, it's been over a year since I did it.)

Then you take THEIR test on thier policies and procedures. They will give you the manual to study and I think you have 5 days after they approve you for it, to take it.

I paid $50.00 for this test (plus $75.00 to incorporate and the $9-$13 for the background check, but you can contract under me if you can't afford to incorporate).

Once you pass THIS test (and this whole process may sound long but it only takes about 10 days really as long as everything turns out ok with your checks and tests) they usually give you a $100 voucher for training classes. All classes have different prices, but they are usually under $100. The AT&T chat job was $125 and the AAA job is $250, but the rest are generally under $100.00 and you can apply your voucher to more than one.

Then you take a training class and you start work.

If you take a phone job, you will need a separate line from your home, dedicated only to Arise, and cannot have any features on it like call waiting or voicemail.

Also, none of the clients will support Windows Vista. Some are supporting 7 now, but the best O/S to have is Windows XP as it is supported across the board.

If you work for Apple, you have to have a Mac, but they can lease to own one to you dirt cheap.

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