Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well, Hello Rich

Dear Readers,
Everyone say hi to my stalker, Richard. He found the videos on ustream and they probably led him to this blog. We seeeeeee you Richard.

Ok, folks, just to let you know, this is the man who, 3 weeks into my relationship with his brother, managed to steal $1,500 from me for some 'mysterious' truck that he was supposed to be buying for my business and bringing to Florida. Blah blah, I'm sick of hearing myself tell the story.

On and on, I loaned this loser $1,500 for a moving truck to come to Florida. He never paid it back. I let him and his wife and kid live in my house for 6 months. They moved out for about 4 months, and then I took them back in again.

Blah blah blah, He is The Deadbeat Dad Coach who has given Mike, my ex, every dirty deadbeat dad tactic in the book that has let him avoid supporting his kids for the past two and a half years.

On top of that, he and his brother stalk me. You can see the crap the brother does by his Yahoo status messages, which I screen capture. Click here to see them. The second albuim of screen captures is HERE! You can't 'cut and paste' a screen capture, as this idiot likes to claim Sharon (his ex wife. We're friends) and I do. He even tried to friend request me on Facebook and when I refused, accused her of listening to only one side. I believe that his status messages speak just fine for him.

However, to further illustrate: He sent Sharon and email telling her to ask him direct questions. So she did. She asked him when he would be paying his child support. 10 or `12 emails later, all we've seen are the ramblings of a sociopath who thinks that 'deflection' actually works. I guess he thinks that if people read these emails, they will never realize that he didn't actually ANSWER the question. He talked about his wife, and his hot tub, and how he owns a house that's not in his name, (hiding assets is a crime and he's just admitted to doing it) and about how my depression stemming from years of abuse at the hands of my own abusive mother and then his abusive mother, is something that somehow makes ME the bad guy.

Oddly, I'm still the one HERE. With my family.

If I was so bad, why didn't Mike fight for custody?

Because he had to go to Iraq.

What about the year before that, when he was home, living with his "Mommy" and not paying child support?

Oh, cause he didn't have a JOB or a place for the boys to live, since Mommy lives in a 55 and over park.

So, this is just another example of how it's ok to USE me for their convenience. Even if I'm soooo incredibly 'insane' that I'm a 'danger to the children', hey, it's ok, cause God knows, Boy Wonder "Mikey" should never be inconvenienced, right?

Even if it were possible to cut and paste scree shots, I also video screen capture, AND, I always have WITNESSES to see his psychotic ramblings. What does he have?

Not a whole hell of a lot.

So everyone, say 'hi' to the stalker for me. And tell him what a scumbag he is.

I'm sure if he tries to comment on this thread, he won't answer the questions, he'll just make accusations about me in order to deflect and 'misdirect.' Let's see where it goes.

And by the way, Rich, you should check out this video, I Pray For You.

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