Saturday, May 1, 2010

Single Mom's Revenge!

Ok, it's been well over six months since I said I was going to overhaul this blog, but I did get a little sidetracked after meeting the man I am finally proud to have my kids call "Daddy." But a new day is dawning, and it's time to take the bull by the horns.

I've been in contact with Deadbeat Dad "Brothers" ex-wife. For those of you who follow this blog, my ex's brother is a "Deadbeat Dad Hall of Famer" and he was the COACH in getting my ex to avoid paying child support for two and a half years so far.

The few months that my ex did pay, however, were immediately met with brother's dissent. No one thinks it's a coincidence that Daddy only started to pay at the exact same time his brother came home from Iraq and started threatening me and stalking me on the Internet again.

The sociopaths knew exactly what they were doing. Pay, but don't sign the birth certificates, this way, demand I send my children to the grandmother to get the money, brother will threaten me and harass me, until I say "ENOUGH" and refuse to let the kids go up there anymore, and then he won't pay again.

They 'think' that no one 'knows' their little 'game plan.'


I've been very lucky to have found Sharon. The brother's ex wife. She lives in California and has an entire site dedicated to child support and resources, but as she and I both know and can tell you, as can many other mothers, getting child support is a JOKE. The agencies are set up to fail at their task. It creates 'job security' for government workers.

Well, we've had enough. We're going to do what no one has ever done before.

Since these losers don't want to help support their kids, we're going to use the story of what they have done to us, to make money.

We'll have coffee cups and t-shirts, tote bags, and books on 'dirty divorce tricks.'

We're going for the jugular. Since society and government has refused to hold men accountable for the children they make, we'll make the Internet world hold them accountable.

We're starting of with a Cafe Press Store for now. We'll be expanding to the books soon. Leave your comments HERE! Tell us what you want!

How about a "Deadbeat Dad" T-shirt with your ex's mug right smack in the middle of a target that says "The only GOOD Deadbeat Dad is a DEAD Deadbeat Dad"

Or A Tote, with an x across his smirking face that purports- "I Upped My Standards- Up Yours"

Give us your ideas, your slogans.

Once the Cafe Press Store is up, we'll be moving on the ebay store. We'll be building a site with a blog soon too. You can tell your stories, especially your very own 'getting even' story, and we'll publish it.

Hell hath no fury like a Momma protecting her cubs!

Next post... The Cafe Press Store Is Open ( I need to get a few graphics together, but maybe tonight or tomorrow.)

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