Sunday, March 21, 2010

Financial Help For Single Mom's, Get Married As Soon As Possible

The greatest 'financial help for single mom's" tip I can give is to find a new man and get married again as soon as possible. There's been a lot of spouting off on my Facebook wall about Parental Alienation and how the family law courts are all about the money... imagine that. And I'm really pretty sick of hearing the spouting off about 'Father's Rights' and 'Childrens Rights" and "Kids Need Both Parents" from a bunch of people who all have some agenda or another for their 'stance.'

Look folks, here's the facts. Mom makes 50K a year, Dad makes 50K a year. Together they have one mortgage/rent, one electric bill, one water bill. Separate, they have two and only half of the combined income to support both. Even at $500 a month in support for one child, that's $6,000 a year to add to the custodial parents $50,000 and that's only if the custodial parent can even maintain that job, seeing as how now, all responsibilities of missing work for doctors appointments, dentist appointments, illness and other things can force them into a lesser paying job without the demands of a $50,000 a year salary.

The best 'financial help for single moms' is a husband, who contributes his entire income to the home. The lousy $500-$600 a month that some loser who abandoned his children finally pays after 2 years of being a jack ass and refusing to support his kids, can go to stuff like trips to Disney that the deserter misses out on. Child support should definitely be a punishment for scumbags that desert their families. And the ones who desert when the family is most in need, like I was, should be charged with neglect as a CRIME.

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