Friday, February 19, 2010

Support for single moms, A point for the moms team

For anyone needing a bit of single mom support, the mommy team scored major points in the past few months. So far, not much news to report. As of the 'welfare fraud' investigation from an 'anonymous tip', I've cut off all contact with the idiots. I'm just done. Over it. I've changed my home phone and cell phone numbers, made myself invisible to them on my Yahoo messenger. I can still see them and their status messages though, and I still screen capture every idiotic message that Rich puts out. Dianne mostly is keeping quiet. About 2 and a half weeks ago, she put out a message that said "guess she won't answer the phone for me." I messaged her and asked her if she was directing that comment at me, and she said yes, that she was trying to call to talk to the boys. I told her they were sleeping, and she said 'ok bye.' That was the last conversation I had with her, or any of them.

I've been pretty lucky lately. I found Shane in November of last year, and he is an amazing and honorable man, proud to take on the role of Daddy that the sperm seller abandoned. And just recently, I found a criminal attorney who is going to assist me in stopping the sperm seller and his family's criminal harassment and slander of me. First, he's going to send them a letter telling them that the next time a false police report, DCF report, or CPS report is filed, that he will see to it that they face criminal charges, and that we will sue the shit out of them. I discovered a great deal of legal advice from this man, and in return, I'm going to build him a website with all the bells and whistles for finally giving me some peace of mind.

Furthermore, I Shane and I are still finalizing the marriage plans, and thinking about moving out of the state of Florida. We plan for Shane to petition for adoption of the kids as soon as we get married, so that might put our plans back a bit, but one way or the other, we are moving out of Florida before April of this year.

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