Saturday, January 16, 2010

DCF- The Destruction of Children and Families

oh boy. Well, here we go again. Mike's and his brother motivated only by their desire to hurt me, have once again put my kids and myself in harm's way.

And my beef now, is totally with DCF.

This man abandoned his child and unborn child to a home without electricity. I had to call DCF for state assistance, which didn't get the power back on anyway, and they in turn forced me to file a Domestic Violence Injunction. Then they told ME that I had to get 'counseling' for it, to find out why I 'allowed' it. They didn't tell HIM that HE had to get counseling for it. Oh no, of course not. He has a penis, it gives him the RIGHT to be a scumbag. I forgot.

Over the next two years, his brother harassed me and stalked me on the Internet. His brother even interfered with my ability to make a living by outing a pen name I was using to score ghostwriting jobs to feed the kids. Did DCF, or the USELESS Pasco County Sheriff's Department Care, about the stalking or about a man TRYING to make his child and unborn child STARVE TO DEATH? NOPE. They didn't give a DAMN! He has a penis, a right to be a scumbag.

When the USELESS Child support enforcement people FINALLY got him SERVED, he invoked, the SCRA- The Servicemens Civil Relief Act- a bunch of crap that allows deadbeats to escape many civil cases, including a paternity test.

He offered child support of $150 a week, after almost TWO YEARS of not paying a DIME, (and, as I discovered from the saved text file of the Yahoo instant message between him and his mother on his mother's computer, it was only because he believed it would absolve him of the responsibility for BACK child support for the previous two years) yet made it condidtional on me sending my kids to his mothers for a weekend (blackmail and not allowed), and refused to put anything in writing, which DCF told me on three separate occasions, when I tried to report the income, was REQUIRED for me to get for them.

When I told DCF that he refused to put anything in writing and that he was using child support as 'blackmail', did they do anything about it? Again.. NOPE!

They told me I needed to call child support enforcement. Did child support enforcement pursue this at all? NOPE. I got the same, robotic, pre-programmed responses from they cybernetic organisms that I always do. A bunch of BULLSHIT about how they 'understood' and 'know how frustrating it is...' but NEVER ONCE did they utter the words, 'let's see what we CAN do'.... because they are not there to solve the problem. They are there for a government paycheck...

When this deadbeat dad came home on Iraq from leave, he DEMANDED the children, threatened to withhold child support if I didn't comply, and then filed that FALSE POLICE REPORT about me threatening to commit suicide with a gun that had been stolen 2 months prior (unbeknownst to the moron when he made his report).. and did the Pasco County Sheriff's Office do anything about the FELONY of him making a "FALSE REPORT TO A LEO".... NOPE... AGAIN.. NOT A DAMN THING! He has a penis, he's allowed to be a scumbag. I do not have a penis, if I made a false report about him, I would be facing felony charges.

When his little phone call to the Pasco County Sheriff's Department didn't get him the desired result of having me Baker Acted, he then turned around and called in an "anonymous tip' to the DCF abuse hotline. It may have been 'anonymous' but the report MIRRORED the outlandish claims in the police report, with ONE 'addition.' That my fiancee "hits" my older boy.

I had proof that they threatened to make this 'report' before they even did it. Did DCF even LOOK at the proof? NOPE.

BUT THEN... They took ANOTHER 'anonymous tip' that I was committing 'welfare fraud' and now I get a letter from a DCF Investigator by the name of Kristina Vaz, that says they have DETERMINED... (funny how they DETERMINED anything based on a phone call and without talking to ME first) that I had

***Unreported people living in my house (I can only assume they meant my fiancee who does not live with us)

***Have been self employed and not reported my income. (This was based on a post on my myspace page where I wrote for 'who I'd like to meet' "Tampa Bay Area Business Owneres Who Want To Build Online Businesses." Just because I want to meet them, doesn't mean I have or made money off of it. The fact of the matter is that before the scumbag took me for everything that I had, I was learning Intenret Marketing and most of what I posted anywhere were exercises in trying to hone those skills and hopefully, eventually, with a full time job, a MAN with a SECOND income, and possibly the child support I am OWED, I could actually go back to trying to build a business. In October, I found a job that I could do at home, but I had to start my own corporation for it. So I did. I went through a month of unpaid training to discover that their apps were conflicting with my system, and that made me miss so much time, that I was now not eligible to work again until Feb. 6.

*** Am not living at the address on my application, from August. In August, I was living there. My son needed surgery, and I had to live out of a motel up near Mike's mom while we arranged all of the doctors appointments and care. I also had a huge power bill and had the power to the house cut off at the time, AND when I did return from that trip, found my house DESTROYED.. UNINHABITABLE (this is when the gun was stolen). A friend let me stay at a house she owns while I tried to clean the other house up.

Now, while informing 'Tim Duggan' (Kristina Vaz's supervisor who I had to speak with as she was not returning my call) of all this, he refused to let me finish a sentence, had absolutely NO INTEREST in the fact that it was a FALSE CLAIM and only wanted to know what he could possibly 'discover' as an excuse to end my state assistance...

AND... this P.O.S. had the nerve to act as though my concerns about the 'child support blackmail' were something that I had no right to. He had the STUPIDITY to tell me, 'sometimes it's takes YEARS to get money out of someone's pocket.'

Well, let's see, you let him get away with all he's done, you then decided to disqauliify me for assistance, knowing that he's backed me into corners with his behavior for two years, and now, now.. that he's FINALLY PAYING child support, you support his ability to use it as blackmail, AND you take away the bare necessities that I have to make sure my kids EAT in the event that this scumbag does decide not to pay child support anymore, I now have NOTHING.

And before anyone goes and gets all up in arms about how now that I have a boyfriend, I shouldn't be on state assistance, let me tell you that 1.) until they MAKE pay the child support, I have no guarantee that I will get it each month, and
2.) what I recieved in assistance was $525.oo a month in food stamps, and medical coverage for my kids. That's it. I don't get Section 8 housing, I don't get Cash Assistance, and I sure as Hell don't get any 'support services' from Career Central.

So now, what they have done is once again, allowed Mike to try to 'starve out' my children.

Yes, I'll be ok. I did it without his child support and without food stamps for 2 months when he first walked out. I will do it again. I'm not really upset about losing food stamps. I'm upset that DCF, CSE, the DOR, and the Pasco County Sheriff's Department have all turned a blind eye to what this man has done to my kids and I. Now that I've lost food stamps, if he were to stop paying the child support again, (and if I don't let my kids go to his mothers for a weekend so she can 'program' my son to make more accusations about my fiancee, he will) I could end up right back at square one where I can't afford to feed my kids. This is the life that this despicable scumbag is subjecting his children to. And DCF, CSE, the DOR, and the Pasco County Sheriff's Office don't give a DAMN!



  1. if he doesnt have custody at all, i would haul ass out of state never to be found

  2. Unfortunately DCF, CSE, and the Sheriff's office have federal guidelines that they have to follow. While you may have fallen through the cracks of the system you can always go to your local state representative or even file a fair hearing when you get denied benefits. The only way things are going to change is through legislature--they are ones that make the rules and don't have to face the people when it comes to this.