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So the 'genetic template' showed up on December 14, 1 day before the child support payment was due, with no advance notice that he would be home on leave, and demanded the children or he would not pay the child support. Although I was pissed that he is still allowed to treat us this way, at his beck and call, I allowed the children to go. I took them to meet him, and video recorded the entire meeting, where we discussed his and his family's behavior and I made it crystal clear that if I had any bullshit calls from the Sheriff's Office about me being 'suicidal' that I was going to take the kids back.

Lo and behold, the 2nd night he has the boys, the deputies are knocking on my door at 8pm. The claim? "She is very depressed. She's on pills and she has a 9mm in the house and is threatening to kill herself."

#1: My significant other is an EMT! If I was on 'pills', I think he would know.
#2: The 'gun' was stolen in October and I have the police report and the name of the deputy who took it to prove it.
#3: His brother's status message back in November specifically stated: "The state investigator will have a nice Christmas gift for her."

Interestingly enough, although the Sheriff's Office and Child Protective Services have determined that this is all obvious harassment, they still are doing nothing to prosecute these idiots or put a stop to all this nonsense.

Mike's latest lie: When I left there was lights and water in that house. Everything was on and running. (I have video that PROVES he said this.) You can see it here:

These are the facts:

In October of 2007, Mike, our son, the unborn child I was carrying, and myself, lived in a house. His brother and sister in law were also staying with us and the electric was on in Mike's name.

Because I owed a previous bill, the power company would not allow the power to stay on even though it was in a new name and at the end of October, they cut the power to the house. They didn't boot the meter correctly and so we had 'leakage.' The house was in a rolling brownout. We had some power to some parts of the house. Enough for maybe a lamp or two and a tv. Not nearly enough to power the stove, hot water heat or the central heat and air.

He left knowing this and knowing that the power company would correct the problem and we would have no power at all.

For the next two years, he refused to pay 'child support.' Yes, he did give me 'some' money ' here and there' as is accounted for in this blog, but he refused to sign the acknowledgement of paternity to make it 'legal.'

The state of Floridal, child support enforcement and the Department of Revenue (who oversee child support enforcement) in their infinite STUPIDITY, were not doing anything to have him served with a paternity suit.

I was still married to Leo.
He was considered the 'legal father' and CSE would hear absolutely nothing of the biological father until that matter was resolved either by a DNA test or with divorce papers that exclude the children from the marriage.
I told them I we would be getting our divorce as soon as possilbe, BUT
At that time, was NOT told that they would use that as an excuse not to serve him, and I was also not told that the papers had to exclude him as both the biological and legal father.
After a year, when I brought them the divorce papers, and was told that the wording wasn't good enough, I asked two questions.
#1: "Why didn't you tell me what wording you wanted?"
The answer: We can't give you legal advice. (I'd like to know what they thought they were doing when they told me to get the divorce.)
#2: "Why have you not just served my ex-husband, let him take the DNA test and be done with it so that we can move on to going after the real father?"
The answer: "Well, if we 'heard' that you 'might' be getting a divorce, then we won't do anything. We'll just wait."
Heard I 'might' be getting a divorce? They ADVISED me to get the divorce.

Finally, after 18 months of runaround from these incompetent bureaucrats, and phone calls to the executive honchos at the Department of Revenue, the biological father was served. And then he invoked the SCRA. The "Servicemen's Civil Relief Act." The outdated Act from 1949 that protects soldiers and sailors from paternity tests. And off to Iraq, Mike went.

In August of 2009, he offered me $150.00 a week in child support on the condition that I let his mother see the boys. I let her see them, and she did truly seem to be trying to have a relationship with me and them.

Sadly, it was all a lie. An act.

Because she came to visit to get my address, and as soon as Mike was home, and he and or his brother, made their latest falsfied police report she gave them the address (had it wrong though, but my car isn't exactly 'inconspicuous'- little red Mercedes is a bit flashy)

His biggest mistake was making the accusation about me saying I was suicidal and that I had a gun in the house and was threatening to kill myself.

Since the gun was stolen two months ago, I certainly wouldn't have made such a threat. If they lied about that, it would stand to reason, to any REASONABLE person,that the rest was a LIE too.

The biggest problem with these people, is that they have no capacity for REASON.

It has taken two years, but finally, someone came along who wants to be husband to me and father to the two most wonderful boys on the planet and Mike is now losing control. He has two options right now and he doesn't want to do either one.

His first, he can step up, acknowledge paternity, and have to deal with supporting his kids and paying 1/3 of his income, even when he gets home from Iraq and doesn't have a job.

The second, give up all rights to the kids.

Either way, he cannot control me with threats to withhold child support anymore. And when control freaks lose control, they get sloppy. And they make mistakes. They made a HUGE mistake when they told the SO that I was threatening to kill myself with a gun that (they didn't know) was stolen 2 months before they made the call. Now the SO knows they are LIARS and it will all come crumbling down very soon.

Victory is but a moment away. Finally!

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