Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When does it END?

When we last left the ongoing saga of 'As The Stomach Turns- The Story of the Deadbeat Dad" his mother and I had supposedly agreed that she could 'see' the kids. Now suddenly, it's 'the weekend.' And if I don't let her have them for the whole weekend, she won't see them at all, and he won't pay child support.

I let her have them plenty during the month that we were up there, but that was before Mike's (sperm seller's) brother came home and started to STALK me again.

First she says that he knows he is not allowed there and that he will respect her wishes.

But when I tell her that he has no respect for anyone or anything, she tells me "he would never hurt those boys."

When I remind her that he:

Stole from me


She starts talking about how 'everyone' said that I was just 'using' her to get Mike to get a good surgeon for my boy and for her to 'babysit.'

First off- should I ever HAD to 'pretend' to care about her to 'use' her to get her son to pay support? Seems to me that once again, I was blackmailed into giving them what they want to get what was rightfully mine. Who is using who here?

Second,- after everything she said and did to me and my kids, does she really think I trust her and WANT my kids to see her? I don't want my kids near her at all but he refuses to pay child support unless I let her see them.

I have no choice but to agree to let her 'see' them, but I don't need to let her take my kids, 2 hours from home to a place where she says "Rich won't come here" "He won't hurt those boys."

This is why Deadbeat Dads exist. Because of mothers like this.

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