Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Ready To Say GoodBye

This is going to be a hard post for me to write. Once I finish the new site, this one is going to have a whole new look, and most of these 'deadbeat dad' type posts are going to be moved to the bottom probably many pages back in this blog. I have come to the realization that this blog is supposed to be about 'financial help for single moms' and it's become mostly about deadbeat dads, military deadbeat dads, and child support and the ridiculous farce that 'child support enforcement agencies' have become. But in spite of what this blog has 'become' as opposed to what it's 'supposed to be' I still hold strong to the belief that the BEST 'financial help for single mom's' is the two-parent home.

Tomorrow, I will post the link to the brand new 'financial help for single mom's blog.' It will have it's own 'child support' and 'deadbeat dad's sections, but the bulk of the body of the site is going to be devoted to helping single mom's find ways to make those 'financial ends' meet. I'm planning on including some awesome resources on the new site, including a forum for every one of the 50 US States, to help let single mom's know of every single resource and support service available to them no matter what state they live in.

Financial help for single mom's comes in many forms. From financial assistance, to work at home jobs, child support and other legal matters, to home based business opportunities and grants for school, single mom's need all the help they can get. I aim to make my new site serve as the top resource for single moms who need financial assistance to be able to raise healthy, happy, and whole families.

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