Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free Single Moms Tips

Here are some free single moms tips I thought I would share.

Don't let anyone to tell you what's best, bad, right or wrong for your family. You know your kids better than anyone, and you know what you want for them, follow your heart, this is your family.

No matter what, how bad things are, how hard they are, how tough they are, your children don't know, all they know is they want your love. If this means you have to let them sleep in your bed in with you at night, by all means, let them.

Spend more time enjoying them and less time, 'raising' them. I promise you this, you are not going to be lying on your deathbed one day, thinking back on your life thinking, I wish my son would have cleaned up his room more, or my daughter would have put her shoes away every day.

Taking care of kids isn't supposed to be a 'job.' It's supposed to be fun.

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