Friday, May 1, 2009

Internet Marketing Secrets Unlocked -

Hey Moms,
I have found an awesome new deal for you.

Want to make your buyer jump right to the payment button? Or how to do a product launch so successful that you’ll still be ranking in the dough months or years down the road? These tips and more are all inside this ebook just waiting for you to get your hands on them!


  1. I read your survival guide and it gave me many good tips. I guess my question now is, what really is the difference between an internet business and making money online. Most of the make money online seem to just be scams to get your money. I too am an entrpreneur. I had a snack shop for a while before...Now of course there are no funds to do something like that again. I am going to look into selling things on ebay but have not really had much luck with that in the past.

    My mother has been freelance editing and writing for some ten years or more. She is doing much better now than ever but she is still not making a living for herself. I have begun to help her on that journey and am also writing my memoirs. The thing that scares me about that is that the clients only get billed once per month and sometimes they decide not to pay. Do you have any tips on how to get more small jobs that you could turn over faster and get more income than just working on ghostwriting entire novels? And also, are there any grants out there for single women who are freelance writers, maybe to advertise and get the website in better condition, that sort of thing? And lastly, do you have any pointers on how to get other people to pay you to advertise their links on your website?

    You also mentioned in your book to have a my space page. How would that be benificial to a home based or freelance writing career?

    Thank you in advance for any information you could send our way. I am greatly appreciative.

  2. The above comment was from an email I received from someone who read "The Single Mom's Survival Guide." I thought that posting it on the blog would be a good way to help other people who have the same questions. Read on for my reply.

    Just 'making money' can mean you find some stuff at a garage sale and sell it on ebay. You make a little bit of money, and then you change to maybe offering a virtual assistant service. You get one or two clients, make a little bit of money, then change to something else. Making money can mean anything, online or offline, like taking one ghostwriting job, or cleaning someone's house, or knocking on doors and offering to paint addresses on people's sidewalks. Having a business means having a 'plan' for building. You can add more business models to an overall business, but you fully develop at least one before you move on to another quick way to make a quick buck.

    Now, having a business, Internet business or otherwise, means you are sticking with it until it's fully developed. For instance, having an ebay business might start out with finding stuff at a garage sale and listing it on ebay, but then you would expand upon that and also go to storage auctions to procure merchandise that you could list and sell on ebay. Next, you might get hooked up with a dropshipper. You would continue to work on THAT business everyday, and not just 'jump' to the next thing that 'makes money quick' on something. Having a business means, building it. Make money means charging a for whatever is in demand at the moment that you have any kind of access to. If ebay is what you want to do, I can give you some books on how to start an ebay business, and I have a great free trial offer from one of the most respected dropshipping companies. They give a 14 day free trial. First, you will want to read the books, and know every step of how to research what is a hot seller, how to write a great listing, what listing upgrades are worth it, which aren't.. and THEN, find some free product first and THEN get the dropshipper trial. Reason being, you don't want to waste your free trial offer period by letting it sit there doing nothing for you while you're still doing research.

    As for freelance writing and editing, it's getting harder to make a living doing that because we are competing with third world countries whose native languages are English, but what they can live on is about 1/3 of what we need to live on. We can't compete with them on their prices, which is why freelance writing is difficult. But, if you are a good writer, and you can write short articles in short amounts of time, you can command $5.00 per article pretty easily. It takes me about 3.5 hours to write ten articles, so if I were to do that for a living, I could probably do 20 per day and make $100.00 per day.

    As for grants, there are grants out there. Go to '' and download their free grantfinding software. The software will show you what grants are available and there are forums though I don't find them particularly helpful. You will need a business plan, and your business plans mission statement needs to match the mission statement of the grant. That is a key factor in getting a grant. You'll also need to write a grant proposal. This is usually best done by someone who is experienced in writing grant proposals. There are a couple of grant programs out there that are monthly memberships where you get access to a grant writer to help you write that grant proposal and they usually offer a 7 or 14 day free trial, so again, this is where you plan first. Get your business plan written, becuase your grant writer will tell you that that is your first step, and thus you'll burn up your free trial period before you can ever get to actually getting the grant proposal written. Next thing you want to do, is look at other grant proposals that have already been granted to people, and make your own rough draft of a grant proposal so that all your 'consultant' really has to do is edit and tweak it.

    As for selling advertising on your website, first, you need to have traffic to your site. And you have to have a 'niche.' If your website is just your writing portfolio, then the only traffic you are going to get is from people looking for freelance writers. But if you have a blog, about any particular niche that people are looking for information about, and you get good search engine rankings, and good traffic, then you could sell banner space on the Internet Marketing forums. The top 3 Internet Marketing Forums are the Digital Point forums, the Sitepoint Forums, and the Warrior Forum. If you are going to start ANY kind of online business, these are the three forums that will offer you the most cutting edge information on starting and promoting an online business. Beware, the amounts of information to be digested are VAST. You must take notes, and 'organize' your notes so that you don't get 'information overload' too bad. You will get it. But staying organized with your notes will help.

    Having a myspace page is just another thing that gives you more credibility. Blog on it as part of your portfolio, but you can also link to your website from it, and it will give you a back link, which is part of "Search Engine Optimization.'

    Now, one thing I want to tell you real quick about online business, is that you have to sell what people are searching for you, and you have to optimize your site for 'how' they are 'looking for it.'

    This means that people aren't searching for your name, they've never heard of you. So if you're site is going to offer a freelance writing service, you want to optimize your site for 'freelance writing' and other related 'terms.' The term 'freelance writers' might have a LOT of competition, so you'll need to do 'keyword research' to find a similar term with less competition so that you can rank for that. You might find the term, "Native English Freelance Writers" has 2,000 searches per month, but only 2,500 websites competing for the term. That is something that you could easily rank for and has enough people looking for it for you to get some business out of it.

    Now when I say 'competition' what that means is, how many other sites are competing to rank in the search engines for the keywords that people might use to find you.

    Let's say I wanted to build a website about 'pet care.' Well I would use a keyword research tool to find out how many people are searching the term pet care each day and/or each month. When I use these keyword research tools, they will also suggest other 'related keywords' too. So, then, I'll head over to Google and I will check each keyword phrase to find the ones that have around 2,000 searches a month or more, but have less than 50,000 websites competing for the phrase. And I will build my site to be 'optimized' for those phrases, so that anyone searching any of those 'phrases' will stand a better chance of finding my site as opposed to someone else's.

    There is more to getting to the top of the search engine results than this, but this is where you 'start.' Because all the other strategies you will use to get your site to the top of the search engines are going to require one basic thing. Your site better be about what all the other strategies say your site is about.

    Some of these other strategies are writing articles for directories and pointing back to your site. Making Youtube videos. Getting back links from high Page Rank sites. Guest posting on other people's blogs. Posting on forums and using your sig file for a link to your site. There is much that goes into having a website make money for you.

    I think starting out with ebay is a great idea for someone in your position. It will give you a chance to start up an online business without having to worry too much about SEO. Even though, on ebay, you will need to use 'keyword research' in your description to get your listing found since most people search even ebay by 'keywords'. Such as 'laptops' 'cheap laptops' 'free shipping laptop' etc.. You will have to optimize your listing for how people are searching, just as you would opitmize a website for how people are searching for the keywords. But you can build up an ebay business fairly quickly, without having to buy a domain name, have it hosted, design a website, populate it with all kinds of content, and drive traffic to it.

    Some tips on starting an ebay business

    Your own house- how much stuff do you have to get rid of?
    Garage sales- cheap merchandise
    FreeCycle- site where people in your city post that they are giving away stuff. Go get it, take pic, put on ebay
    Dropshipping companies-
    Local businesses- businesses need to move out old stock. Offer an ebay listing service to help them make way for new inventory

    I'll get you an ebay book and links to the grants program and dropshipper trial offers later on today. My kids are complaining that they want attention right now.

    I hope I've been of some help to you. And I will post your email on the blog and the Ning site as I think your questions and the answers might be of help to others too.

    The first thing you need to is to make a definite decision about what you want to do. If you want to do freelance writing, I can help you make $50-$100 a day doing that. If you decide you want to start an ebay business, I can help you with all the resources I have, and help you make a plan, and tell you all that I know about ebay as well. Just let me know which path you want to take, and we'll get to work on executing it.