Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does The Florida Army National Guard Protect Deadbeat Dads?

If you've been following this blog, you know that my name is Vanessa Blais and I am a single mom fighting for child support for my children, among other family issues, such as 'Family Crisis Intervention" and "Mandated Family Counseling Even Without Marriage", however, this article is about to expose a serious cover-up by the Florida National Guard to protect Deadbeat Dads.

My particular case was probably one for the law books had it been handled by private attorney's instead of the joke of a law firm that is contracted by CSE and the DOR to handle support cases. A law dating back to the 1800's prevented me from suiing my children's father for child support because I was 'legally married' to someone else. During the time that I spent fighting this particular circumstance, the childrens father attended Boot Camp, AIT, and Jump School during which the boys and I, as his 'dependents' would have been entitled to an 'alottment.' However, because a child support order would include a judgement for all of the 'back child support owed' between the time he left and the time it went to court, the 'Deadbeat Dad' in question, refused to sign either of our children's birth certificates because that judgement could have been used to gonoshier that bonus.

When our second child was born, the "Deadbeat Dad" in question requested leave time from AIT to come home to see his son, thus acknowledging to the military that he is the father. However, he still refused to sign their birth certificates to provide for us, and I was still not divorced from my 'now' ex-husband. When the "deadbeat dad" in question finished his training, he returned home and said, in front of a witness, that he would not sign their birth certificates because he "didn't want (me) serving him with child support papers while he doesn't have a job."

In March of 2009, the divorce, with the wording that CSE demands, was final and it was time to serve the Deadbeat Dad in question. On May 19, 2009, after not having heard back from CSE, I called for an update. I discovered that on May 4,2009, a 'message' was left for the Deadbeat Dads Sargeant to call CSE to provide an address for service on said Deadbeat Dad. As of May 19, 2009, said Sargeant had not bothered to return CSE's phone calls.

Here's where this gets weird. On May 14, 2009, the Deadbeat Dad HIMSELF, placed a call to CSE to inform them that he would be leaving for Iraq the following week. It would seem that 'said' Sargeant not only informed the Deadbeat Dad about the phone call, but even advised the Deadbeat to call CSE himself and try to 'brush them off' with the "Iraq story." Which, as of today, looks to be untrue.

The last time I spoke with said "Deadbeat Dad" in early May, he told me that he was going to 'mobilization' and that he would be leaving for Iraq in June. Said "Deadbeats" mother, has 'implied' that he is already IN Iraq, and today, CSE informed me, that from what they have been able to ascertain, he will be leaving for Iraq, 'next week.'

I have been promised a new update as of tomorrow, May 21,2009, but as of right now, I'm still in the same limbo I have been living in for the past year and a half. But at least I am beginning to see what the "military" does about "Deadbeat Dads." It helps them BE "Deadbeat Dads."

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