Sunday, July 15, 2012

Best of The Best, July 15, 2012

In an ongoing effort to keep bringing 'The Best of the Best of West Florida,' to our community, Omnique is celebrating "Family Matters' for this mid-summer issue!

First, with just about a month of 'summer' left before the kids go back to school, beat the heat with some indoor, air conditioned exercise for free! Visit and get 2 free games each day, for each of your kids! Kids bowl free also offers an addition super saver of a deal on the family pack, good for up to 4 family members. For only $24.95, the whole family will also get 2 free games every day too!

Pasco County- Gulf View Square Mall has an absolutely fantastic and charming little indoor playground at the South end of the mall, where the kids can run around, climb, go down a slide, crawl through a tunnel, drive a boat and fly a plane! It's air conditioned, and the entire mall offers free Wi-Fi! I bring my laptop, and just let the kids run around and play.

Hernando County- Jenkins Creek.... a nice little parked tucked away in a woodsy area, just about 1 mile past Roger's Park. If you love the water, especially the nice fresh spring water that runs through the Weeki Wachee River and doesn't leave you feeling sticky from the salty Gulf waters, Jenkin's is a perfect alternative to the somewhat pricey Buccaneer Bay and the very 'crowded' Roger's Park.

We'll be bringing some more 'family matters' information to you over the course of the next week. And just in case you're wondering why the links are leading to this blog, it's because Omnique's own website isn't quite ready yet, but when it is, you will be the first to know! Besides, this little blog here is what got me started in the online marketing game... back when I was searching desperately for a way to support my kids. I had mostly abandoned it once I wasn't a 'single' mom anymore, but it needed the love. Single mom's need to save money just like everyone else, so they need a little love too!

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