Saturday, June 16, 2012

This just makes my blood boil.  I am disgusted by the so-called 'educated' people that make up the 'middle class' America demographic, who are at best pseudo-intellecutals with no real comprehension of how the real world really works, and at worst, a bunch of sanctimonious, condescending twits who can't see their own nose in front of their face.  In case you're wondering what this little rant is about, it's about the mental midgets who support this ridiculous idea that Welfare recipients should be drug tested.  What an incredibly ignorant proposition this is.

First of all, it's 'profiling,' and it's just as bad as any 'racial profiling.'  Assuming that just because a person is poor, they are criminal drug users is ignorant.

Having no respect for our Constitutionally protected rights to be 'free from unreasonable search and seizure,' 'probable cause', and 'innocent until proven guilty, is ignorant.  Being 'poor' is not 'reasonable cause' for the 'state' to force unreasonable search and seizure (drug testing) without probable cause (being poor is not probable cause for assuming illegal drug use).

Furthermore, only a conviction on a felony can take away our Constitutional rights, so by skipping right over two of the most important rights we have, we have 'convicted' every poor person as a 'felon', whose only crime is being poor.

Congratulations morons.  You've done the government's job for them.  You've managed to create a battle where there should be none, so that while we're so busy having this idiotic argument, our so called 'leaders' can continue with their mission to keep the rich rich, and the poor poor by refusing to reform welfare to fix what's actually 'broken.'

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