Monday, January 2, 2012

Sex In Announcements

Copulate Wal-Mart

SexIn Announcement

Since breast feeding Mom's insist that they have a right to bare their breasts in public on the grounds that it's 'feeding a baby', then there is no reason that we shouldn't have sex in public! After all, sex is necessary to bring forth life into the world. Like breastfeeding, sex is a completely natural act and just as a breast is necessary to feed a baby, sex is necessary to make a baby!

There are far too many people in the world, not having children because they are too selfish, spoiled and lazy. We must stage this public SexIn to show them how to do it and how important it is that we procreate and bring life into this world! We must do it publicly to prove that it's perfectly acceptable to go to whatever lengths necessary to procreate and bring forth the children. It's time for the rest of the world to accept that children must be made, and that those of us who simply don't have the time to do it, should absolutely take any measures necessary to do so, even if that means grabbing a quickie while we do our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.

It's time for people to stop seeing sex in a sexual way. There's nothing perverse about sex. It's a natural act that is necessary to bring children into the world, and we should have sex anywhere we want to make sure that these children are made.

No one should have to hide behind closed doors for procreation. It's necessary to bring life into the world, it's not a perverse thing, and anyone who is uncomfortable with having to see this completely natural, and necessary for procreation act, will just have to deal with it. We need to cease all concern for others in this mission to educate the world on the necessity of sex to create healthy children so that we can bare our breasts to feed these children in public and further educate the rest of the world on the benefits of breastfeeding for their continued health after birth.

We are the 'bringers of life'. This gives us absolute dominion over the morals of all people everywhere. We will be the ones to decide what you can or cannot believe in for your morals. Our rights overrule yours. We are the 'Mommies', and our rights do not end where your rights begin.

***This is satire.***

I did not breastfeed my children. My first was a preemie and spent 6 weeks in a Level III NICU. Nursing would not have been convenient for me. I was told by the breastfeeding sanctimommy contingent that I could have and should have pumped. If I could have and should have pumped with a child in a NICU and a full time job, I simply can't support the right to breastfeed in public. If I could have pumped, they can also pump and not dictate to me or anyone else what I do and do not have the right to feel comfortable with or consider 'modesty.'

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