Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who Is More Afraid Of A Thief Than A Thief?

I almost don't even want to tell the story. Beyond the anger, is an inherent sadness that has left me feeling depleted. If you've followed this blog, and know my story, you know that my kids' 'sperm seller' was the love of my life. When I first met him, his mother adored me, but when I ran out of money, things changed. She now supported his decision to abandon our family. She knew that my son and I had no electricity in our house and that I was broke and pregnant. She also knew that both of her sons were stealing from me.

Now, after about a month of spending time with her, and having her watch the boys for me every day, the time for my older boys' surgery has been scheduled. It is 6 days from now, and I've run out of money to keep paying for this motel I've been staying at in order to be close to her until this surgery is over. My roommate has been here with me, and though I have my issues with her work ethic and attitude, she never stole from me, and she was there the day my second baby was born. She was the very first person to have ever held that baby and she has taken care of him since that day.

I told Dianne, Mike's mother, that we found a place to stay and that we have to leave Monday. She asked me then, who was going to take care of the baby when the older boy has his surgery. I told her that I would ask a friend to watch the dog for a couple of days, and that my roommate, the kids, and I would stay with her and my roommate could watch the baby while we took the older boy for his surgery.

Dianne said she didn't want my roommate staying at her house alone. Now, this is the woman who HARBORED, hid, and lied about, MY STOLEN PROPERTY. My property that her sons STOLE from me, and she is worried about my roommate being alone in HER house? Is she afraid my roommate will steal back all MY stolen items?

I really thought that she was making an effort to be a 'family' to my kids, but I can see now, this is an act. I haven't specified what the 'ulterior motive' is here yet, but I have my ideas, and I'm sure that no good will come of her actions as of late. It still makes me angry, but I think my grieving process is now turning to despair. Despair for the fact that things will never change.

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