Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Song

The Song..

Now this here's a story bout a Private named Santerre
A deadbeat Dad in the Army that doesn't care
With two little boys at home he's goin off to war
And the two little boys
are standing at the door

Deadbeat, Dad that is.

A nice little act that the military passed
Let's him leave his son's behind
And all his money stashed

Without an order for support
Sargeant says he cannot help
But Sargeant covers up
and helps him hide his happy self.

Deadbead, Dad that is.

An Active duty man
Is exempt from dna
Go Active!
Volunteer! they say

Deadbeat, Military that is.

His kids dont' need to eat
For the year he's in Iraq
So I guess the government
Can Pick up the slack...

Food Stamps. Welfare that is.

When his year is up
IF he survives
Re-up! They say
Your kids don't need to thrive

Poor little Private
Wants sympathy for him
Cause he's goin off to war
And Daddy is now "Jim"

Though. Shit that is.

He wasn't drafted
He made the choice
And he hid from his kids
Who don't have a voice.

The Military says it won't put up with deadbeat dads
But then they pass a law
That says he isn't Dad

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