Friday, April 24, 2009

The Best Financial Help For Single Mom's- The Deadbeat Dads List

The best financial help for single mom's is the deadbeat dad's list. If he's not going to pay child support anyway, he might as well go to jail where he can be prevented from breeding any more children he wont' support.

Lawywers are calling for 'equal parenting.' But there is no 'equality' in the financial obligation. The absentee parent is only responsible for paying 30% of INCOME in support. In the case of the 'minimum wage' job seeker, that equates to about 1/100th of what it costs to actually RAISE the child(ren).

Equal parenting should be equal financial responsibility as well. In the case of the 'absentee' parent who abandoned the family unit, more than half of the cost of 'raising the children' should be that parents burden to effectively 'equalize' that area of parental responsibility in which he or she is lacking.

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