Saturday, March 14, 2009

Word From a Mom Who Once Needed Financial Help For Single Moms

Dear Sister Single Mom,

Welcome to Financial Help For Single Mom's, my blog dedicated to helping you rebuild your life. Since most relationships end over financial problems, it stands to reason that if you're recently suffered a separation, you probably have some money problems and financial help for single mom's is exactly what you need to get back on track.
Financial help for single mom's comes in many forms. Welfare assistance, scholarships for school, subsidized daycare, grants for starting a business and going to school, and so much more. There are so many options available, like legitimate work at home jobs, that just putting together a system for utilizing them all can be a job. So I've created this blog to try to help you organize and prioritize what you need to do.
I found myself a single mother during a financial crisis in my family. I was also pregnant at the time, and suffering from a severe case of postpartum depression following the birth of my first child. I was emotionally and financially distraught to say the least, and trying to find a job while pregnant was nigh on impossible, compounded by the fact that working would have taken a toll on my already weakened and fragile mental state. My first was only 22 months old and though I got subsidized daycare for him, the hours didn't mesh with any job, so I needed to find a way to earn an income. I found it by starting my own small online business. I now have approximately 20 websites that, altogether, earn a decent passive monthly income, and I provide several online services, such as writing and Virtual assistant work that give us extra money when needed or wanted.
If you have found yourself a single mom, struggling for financial help for single mom's and support and guidance, I am here to be your friend, mentor and guide. I will keep comments on this blog enabled so that you can always ask me anything you wish and I will reply. There are 5 steps you need to take toward achieving financial stability are located in the sidebar of this blog and they are:

1.) Sign Up For My "Financial Help For Single Mom's Newsletter." It's 100% FREE and I send you new information as I find it straight to your email.

2.) Get a FREE pre-paid credit card. Just fill out one page with your name and address, (no social security number or bank account information will be asked for.

3.)Get A Free CD on Government Grants, it's $2.29 for the shipping and handling, but the CD is free and it's also free to apply for grants.

4.) Get the Google Money CD, $1.97 for the shipping and handling. This CD will give you the solid foundation you need to learn how to make money with Google.

5.) Read my book "The Single Mom's Survival Guide." This book will give you a lot more than just 'financial help for single mom's.' It offers you emotional support, ideas on coping with the stress of being a single parent, pointers on where to get all kinds of free stuff for you and your family, and most importantly, ways to re-establish yourself and pick up the pieces after a break up. It even has a section on helping your kids cope with the split. You can download this book free HERE.

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