Saturday, March 14, 2009

Financial Help For Single Mom's

Dear Friend,

I am a single mom and I know exactly what it's like, so I
started my blog to help other single mom's. I want you to know
that each day of being a single mom presents a new challenge for
me, and I'm committed to sharing those challenges, and the
solutions I find for them, on my blog.
Feel free to use the comments section of the blog to ask
questions, or even just to vent. No matter what you are
feeling, joy, happiness, terror, stress, it's all 100% normal
and there is absolutely no judgment from me about anything. To
also drive the no judgment rule home, any post left on that blog
that purports to judge anyone will be instantly deleted.
We single mom's have to stick together and we have to provide
the shoulders for each others to cry on when needed, so no
matter what your situation is, know this, I will firmly stand my
ground on creating a community of support for you.
Now that we have that out of the way, I want to share with
you my 'tips' for helping you get back on your feet. I know
that the number one distress for a single mom is 'finances'.
You and/or your ex may have broken up over money problems, one
or the other of you may have even racked up a good bit of debt,
and you need extra income right now, more than ever.
The best thing you can do right now is to put your ducks in
a row. When I found myself a single mother it was very sudden
and came on the heels of a financial disaster, so I had to do
anything and everything I could to earn a dollar, and since I
was also pregnant with our second, getting a job was akin to
leaping a tall building in a single bound. I was lucky enough
to have had a 'little' bit of knowledge about making money
online, and also to have had a great friend who owned an online
business mentor me to help me survive the devastation. Over the
course of about a year and a half, I learned a lot and was able
to support myself and my children. And as I learned more and
more, I found all kinds of free or really inexpensive stuff to
help me build my business to the point where I could support my
children, since my ex refused to help in any way.
Most of this stuff can be found right on the blog, like
grants, and working with Google, a free prepaid credit card that
you can use to set up a Paypal or other merchant account and use
to collect money from your websites.
The first thing I recommend for you is this free pre-paid
credit card. I needed one to set up my own Paypal account, but
when I went to Wal-Mart to buy one they were $8.97 and a $4.95
fee every time I wanted to put money on it. I found a free
pre-paid credit card
online and it came in the mail in a couple
of days. You can get it HERE.

Your Single Mom Survival Guide,
Simone Wexler

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